16 Dec 2014

Unlimited web hosting – What to expect

Feeling the lure of an unlimited web hosting plan? Many are blinded by the dazzle of a great deal; even if it looks to good to be true. Here’s what you can expect once you sign up with an unlimited hosting plan! The Unlimited Hosting Experience By signing up with an unlimited host you can almost guarantee you […]

25 Jun 2014

Get the most out of your hosting with addon domains

An often overlooked and underused feature of many web hosting plans is the addon domain. So just what is an addon domain? Generally an addon domain allows you to point an additional domain name to a portion of your primary web space. The number of addon domains available is entirely dependant on your web host and the resources assigned to […]

21 Jun 2013

How To Transfer Web Hosting Companies

Many website owners feel locked into the one web host, when in reality it’s not that hard to transfer web hosting companies. Website owners transfer hosting for a variety of reasons including: Poor service and after sales support Technical issues / website downtime Price / feature changes Here’s a quick guide to transferring your hosting. […]

11 Jun 2013

Inside Magento Cron Jobs

Magento cron jobs are an often overlooked, yet essential feature of a smooth running magento shop front. Cron jobs are essentially a scheduled task. The default magento cron triggers a number of important functions including: Database log cleanups Newsletter queue runs Catalog pricing rules Sitemap generation Customer notifications Currency updates Developers also often hook into the […]

28 May 2013

5 Tips For Secure Web Hosting

It doesn’t take much to ensure your hosting is as secure as possible. Every day there are thousands of websites that are hacked or exploited in some way, for reasons ranging from competitive business motives to distributing viruses & malware to visitors for bank fraud. Avoid your website becoming a statistic, here’s an easy-to implement list that will […]

17 Nov 2012

What to do with your Personal Web Hosting

When it comes to representing yourself online the average social networking site just does not seem to cut it anymore. Instead, more and more people are moving towards leveraging personal web hosting to truly show off their own unique personality. This idea behind personal hosting means that you can choose an domain name that best […]

04 Nov 2012

Extend Your Shared Hosting Lifespan With Cloudflare

As a website grows it uses more and more server resources, it often comes to a point where the website has outgrown shared web hosting. The natural progression is to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server, but that brings a whole new level of complexity. Ongoing management is now required for: The web server […]

23 Jan 2012

Reliable Web Hosting

To ensure the success of your personal or business web site, reliable web hosting is crucial. What good is a website or email system if it’s down when you or worse your clients attempt to connect? A missed “click” or email could potentially mean a lost sale. So what makes a reliable web host? High […]