5 Tips For Secure Web Hosting

Secure Hosting It doesn't take much to ensure your hosting is as secure as possible.

Every day there are thousands of websites that are hacked or exploited in some way, for reasons ranging from competitive business motives to distributing viruses & malware to visitors for bank fraud.

Avoid your website becoming a statistic, here's an easy-to implement list that will help with your secure web hosting.

1. Choose a secure password

One of the easiest ways to ensure your web hosting is secure is to select a password that's actually secure! Avoid typical generic word combinations - these are easy to guess / break.

It's a good idea to make your password 8 + characters and include at least 1 number and 1 upper-case character.

2. Avoid saving passwords

Many web hosting accounts are compromised due to passwords being read / stolen from saved password lists; including web browsers & FTP clients.

Some viruses specifically target stored passwords so ensure your anti virus is always up to date and be cautious on public computers. (you never know what is running in the background)

3. Regularly update website software

Most content management systems regularly issue updates that include specific security fixes. By not installing your essentially leaving an open door for hackers.

Usually the update process is fairly easy, many CMSs offer an inbuilt update utility. Staying on top of updates is essential and once your fall behind it can be difficult to catch up.

4. Website coding security

Code / build your website with the appropriate security precautions in mind. Its normally a few simple things during development time that will make all the difference in the end.

Implement form validation, URL & variable validation. This will protect a website against a broad range of attack vectors and help to ensure your overall website security.

5. Select a secure web host

By selecting a secure web host your'e ensuring the foundation of your website itself  is secure. There are a range of server side security tools that can assist in securing a server on an automated level.

Look for a web host that include services such as; mod_security, cloudlinux & Malware scanning. They can help defend against a range of automated attacks.

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