5 Tips when buying a domain name

Buying a Domain Name Buying a domain name is easy. Buying the right domain name can be a downright pain!

We've put together the top 5 tips when buying a domain name that should make the job a little easier.

1. Speed Kills - Don't Rush Into Anything

Rushing in and buying the first available domain name is a bad idea. You need to take your time, establish a list of candidates and weigh up each one.

Choose a domain name that makes a connection with your purpose, business name or industry segment.

note: you also need to make sure you meet domain regulatory requirements on some extensions (e.g .com.au)

2. Extension Comprehension - Understand domain extensions

There are hundreds of different domain name extensions available, understand that some extensions reflect a particular country (.com.au - Australian)

Pick one that reflects your business / target market, or get creative with the domain name and its extension.

note: it's a good idea to purchase as many domain name extensions as possible to protect your brand online.

3. Who's watching - Protect your online privacy

By default an inherit floor of the domain name system is the whois directory. When a domain name is registered, most extensions publicly make available the registrant contact information.

For many this may include a postal address, email, phone number and registrant name. This has offline implications for users concerned with privacy.

note: whois protection is available when registering a domain name, that obscures this information from the public.

4. Bag a bargain - But watch the fine print

If you're hunting for a bargain on a domain name, don't get blinded by a cheap deal. Check the fine print to ensure you know what their renewal terms are and if there are any other limitations on the domain name service.

Many domain registrars offer large discounts on the initial registration, then hike their prices for renewal.

5. Domain Renewal - Don't get squatted

If your domain name expires and the registration is not renewed, after a period of time that domain name is made available for public registration again.

Ensure you keep up to date contact information with your domain registrar and remember to pay any renewal invoice on time to ensure a continued service.

note: Once an expired domain is registered by a 3rd party there is normally very little that can be done.


Optic Empire offer a range of domain name solutions, supporting a number of local and international extensions. Contact us with any enquiry you may have.

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