Get the most out of your hosting with addon domains

Addon Domains Hosting

An often overlooked and underused feature of many web hosting plans is the addon domain.

So just what is an addon domain?

Generally an addon domain allows you to point an additional domain name to a portion of your primary web space. The number of addon domains available is entirely dependant on your web host and the resources assigned to your hosting package.

Addon Domains In Practice
You have a domain name (primarydomain.com.au) as the primary domain name of a web hosting account, you could host another website (addondomain.com.au) from your primary accounts allocated resources.

Addon Domain Advantages

  • higher utilisation of resources
  • cost efficient - sharing web space amongst multiple domains
  • centralised control - easily manage multiple domains in one place

Addon Domain Disadvantages

  • a security compromise can effect other websites sharing the storage resources
  • access to control panel, email accounts etc are managed through the primary account
  • account restores will effect all websites and attached add-on domains

Assigning Addon Domains

Addon domains are normally created and managed through your primary accounts control panel.

Most web hosting control panels will provide addon domain management functionality, including Cpanel & Plesk

The typical process is to:

  1. define the domain name to be used as an addon domain
  2. allocate storage path, which is taken from the primary account allocations
  3. assign to the primary account.

* Remember the domains name-servers still need to be directed to the same as the primary domain


Addon domains can be a great way to cost effectively host multiple websites. However keep in mind as your websites continue to grow the time may come where you need to migrate your addon domain to its own dedicated web space. (another kettle of fish)

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