17 Nov 2012

Hacked by Hacker: Secure Web Hosting by Optic Empire

Hacked By HackerA recent global wave of mass website defacements has swept the internet hosting scene and has affected a large number of web hosts large and small.

Website owners have woken to find their website displaying a message  “hacked by hacker” or similar; at first it was thought to be the typical your CMS has been hacked isolated case.

As more and more website owners have come forward many from the same web host and same server, this changed the possible attack vector.

This leads security experts to believe its a server wide exploit and isn’t dependent on your individual website security (updated CMS etc).

Website platforms that were hacked in this particular wave included:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Static Websites

The worst is… for the most part this was all avoidable if shared web hosts had taken the proper precautions to disable the exploit-ability of symlinks in a shared hosting environment

There have been a number of solutions around for some time, including APACHE configs, patches and secure Cloudlinux (cagefs).

Its a shame that in todays online environment shared hosts aren’t taking the proper precautions to offer a secure stable hosting environment to their clients.

All it takes is 1 missed setting and a server can be exposed to all the nasties of the internet.

Optic Empire offer a secure web hosting environment; our servers utilise cloudlinux, equipped cagefs, to ensure website isolation from others on the server.

Our web servers are 100 % immune to this type of attack. If you have been effected by such an incident, contact us to find how we can provide a reliable, secure web hosting solution.