Reliable Web Hosting

To ensure the success of your personal or business web site, reliable web hosting is crucial.

What good is a website or email system if it's down when you or worse your clients attempt to connect?

A missed "click" or email could potentially mean a lost sale.

So what makes a reliable web host?

High Uptime

Why pay for an offline website? Websites that don't have a stable connection can be detrimental to you and your business' reputation, and can directly result in lost leads.

Professional Support

When you need help, you need it now (not 24 hours and 5 phone calls later).

It happens all too often. It's 4:50 pm on a Friday afternoon and you're having trouble getting a quote out to a business prospect but you're email's not working. The last thing you need is to stumble your way through some technical jumble and trouble shooting that's causing more trouble than anything else. Having access to timely and knowledgeable support makes all the difference when you need it.

Secure Hosting

A secure web hosting environment is essential for any business or person who uses email or internet to communicate and transact. It's scary but true - a website is 'hacked' every few minutes, often with the intent to send viruses and attempt online fraud. Most of these hacks can be stopped at the server level; with proper server hardening and security precautions.

Price isn't everything - you get what you pay for!

Most first time website owners get stung by the lure of a bargain only to find their website is down more than it is up.

Don't be fooled by the "cheap web hosts" who offer the world but don't deliver. Many are built on unsustainable business models and lack the technical skills and know-how to deliver the first class service they promise.

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