Article Marketing and SEO

Article marketing is a regular SEO strategy that helps you to promote your website. This is a cost effective and easy to manage marketing tool and it works wonders as far as marketing is concerned.

There are plenty of content publishing websites where you can submit your articles that link back to your website and they are keyword rich. This helps you to increase the number of visitors to your website.

The main advantages of article marketing are

  1. This is a cheap alternative to all other tools that are used to market your website.
  2. There is no limit on the niche that you can write about.

Highly targeted traffic is what you get when you choose the article marketing. This sort of traffic helps to improve the overall ranking especially on the Google by lifting your Page Rank.

Remember that targeted traffic is the key.

You need to include your full business name for branding. You should also provide the readers with a reason to click your links and visit the product that you are offering. Remember that you should include your link in the article or in the resource box because the readers will not typically search your product, they will prefer to just click the link on the article.

With article marketing you can create a cloud of link backs to your product. This will improve your ranking in the search engines especially Google. Google looks at the link back to determine your Page Rank.

You can also use the article spinning technique to submit the same article to different directories. Article spinning is a useful technique and you can create multiple articles from the same material and not be penalized for duplicate content.

Remember that you can submit as many articles as you want to an article directory. The more you submit, the better the chances of getting potential buyers. But you must keep in mind that you must be consistent with this and the number of articles that you submit every week must not go up and down greatly. Most search engines keep track of a sudden increase in the number of back links.

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