Leveraging Local SEO For Foot-traffic & Phone Calls

Local SEO Search ResultsLocal SEO is all about utilising local search engine traffic. It goes beyond just driving visitors to a website, it is a powerful online marketing tool that delivers local foot-traffic and phone calls directly to any business.

Predominately offline businesses can leverage the widespread (almost ingrained) use of search engines. Bridging the gap between online life and offline business - connecting local searchers to local business right when they need it.

A local SEO campaign is perfect for

  • Bricks & mortar businesses
  • Retail based business outlets
  • Local professional / service providers
  • Food / dining businesses
  • Any business with a local level footprint

What is Local SEO

In its simplest form Local SEO involves targeting search keywords with a geographic influence on them.

Local SEO Example
Localised keyword: "Sydney SEO Agency"
Normal (broad) keyword: "SEO Agency"

Local SEO Advantages

A local SEO campaign boasts a number of advantages over a regular, broader targeted SEO campaign

You Don't Need A Website

You don't even need a website to benefit. Typically a campaign is geared towards promoting a Google Places for Business entry. (a business directory entry complete with; phone, map/directions, photos & more).

Local Competition Levels

Because your competing on a tighter geographic and keyword level a local SEO campaign can be significantly less competitive than a general SEO campaign. This also means you can expect quicker results in ranking.

Typical Local SEO Campaign Structure

Although every SEO campaign is different there are fundamental steps to a local SEO campaign.

The fundamentals of  a local SEO include:

  • Register, confirm & optimise a Google Places for Business entry
  • Register and optimise at authoritative country/locale specific business directories & review websites etc
  • Interlink, connect your other properties to your Google Places entry
  • Encourage your happy customers to review you online through authorised channel
  • Occasional maintenance + site expansion

All in all a local SEO campaign is a cost effective way for business (online and offline) to utilise search engines as a inbound marketing channel, that drives more than just web traffic.


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