How To Start A Blog

Start A BlogOne of the most common questions users ask is "how to start a blog". Here's a quick and simple guide that will get you up and blogging in no time.

Our preferred method is to utilise private web hosting and a domain name, it offers a number of advantages over free blog providers including:

  • Data Ownership
  • More Customisable
  • Flexible allowances

What is a Blog?

A blog is a more personal, detailed form of expression than the many social media channels (facebook, twitter etc). It actually pre-dates many of the popular social media channels today.

A blog typically combines different types of media and is normally presented in a chronological manner.

1. Create a blog

Getting started is a simple process, most web hosting companies provide a tool to quickly install your choice of blogging software to your web space. (e.g. installatron)

We recommend WordPress, it powers some of the biggest blogs in the world, is feature packed and its FREE.

2. Organise your blog

Mapping out and organising your blog into categories is a must, the earlier you do it the better. It helps your website visitors and also makes it easy for you to manage as you blog grows.

Many blogs also allows "tags" as a way of organising your content, its good to use a combination of categories for structure and tags for quick organising.

3. Use Your Blog

Nothing will turn your readers away like a stale blog; try to be regular with your updates. Plan ahead a few days so you know what your new topic will be about - this will also give you plenty of time to think about it.

It's a good idea to use as many types of media as you can in your blog posts. Compliment your posts with video, images or music (not autoplay).

4. Engage Your Users

Try to be as engaging as possible in your blog posts. Encourage feedback, pose questions and offer unique content others may find interesting.

Share your posts on any social networks you use and let others share your content by installing social sharing buttons.

Get Blogging!

At first it might seem a little slow, but if you keep at it you will soon have a loyal reader base and a successful blog.

So what comes next? Look at monetising your blog, many successful bloggers derive an income from their blogs.


Optic Empire provides a range of feature packed blog hosting plans complete with easy blog installation and management tools.

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