What to do with your Personal Web Hosting

When it comes to representing yourself online the average social networking site just does not seem to cut it anymore. Instead, more and more people are moving towards leveraging personal web hosting to truly show off their own unique personality.

This idea behind personal hosting means that you can choose an domain name that best fits what you are striving to create, whether it is a blog, a photo gallery site, hobbyist page, or for professional purposes. (e.g. bobsblog.com)


Personal web hosting creates the perfect platform to be able to express your own thoughts and opinions on a multitude of topics in your own personal blog.

Blogging has greatly grown over the years and now encompasses a multitude of topics; people’s own movie reviews, life experiences, cooking recipes, or even open discussion on topics of the time.

Photo Gallery

If you have photos you would like to share with friends and family or even the whole online community, personal web hosting is a great fit to do this in an easy and personal way.

You can make your pictures easily accessible in a creative way, or have them look more professional by placing them in an online portfolio.

This method is much easier than having to worry about people being connected to the same social networking site as you to try and find your pictures and you have much more control over your data.


Personal hosting is also a great way to share your favorite hobby with like-minded individuals online.

It not only grants you an easy way to express your passion for the hobby, but expand your knowledge about it with others who can ask you questions or answer and discuss and concerns you may have.

Professional /Resume

Having an online resume is a great way of showcasing yourself in todays “connected” world.

Employers are increasingly looking for standout candidates, a professional website that shows you in the right light could be just what you need to stand out from the crowd.

It also allows you to feed into your professional social networks (linkedin, Google+)

No matter what your interests are personal hosting can help you expand and share your knowledge and expertise with the world. Express yourself, your way.


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