OE: Cloudflare Certified Partner

CloudFlare Certified PartnerWe are happy to announce our recent partnership with Cloudflare, as a certified Cloudflare Partner we now offer a complete integration with a world wide cutting edge content delivery network.

All web hosting plans, can now utilise Cloudflare absolutely 100% FREE.


CloudFlare automatically protects and optimises the delivery of your website's pages allowing your visitors to experience faster page load times and increased overall website performance.

Cloudflare can absorb sudden spikes in traffic and provides a sophisticated security layer; blocking a range of emerging threats.

Global Distribution

Your visitors will experience the fastest connection possible, no matter where they are in the world. Cloudflare has a global presence and provides a direct connection to your web assets.

The result when combined with your hosting is a lightening fast, secure web site with a global reach.

Save Resources

When you integrate your web hosting with Cloudflare, you will diagrammatically reduce your overall resource usage.

Bandwidth - Static assets will be delivered through the Cloudflare CDN (images, HTML)

Requests - Web requests will be reduced, lowering your impact and server load (less CPU and memory)

Cloudfare Results
e.g resources saved on a busy website over 30 days

Getting Started with Cloudflare

You can control the level of  integration with cloudflare via cPanel. a few simple clicks and your done.

What are you waiting for? Harness the global power of Cloudflare today


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