Web Hosting Security: New WAF Implementation

Web Hosting Security Every day we intercept thousands of hack attempts across our customer websites and hosting accounts, as technology and methods evolve its critically important to stay one step ahead.

To aid in protecting our infrastructure we are in the process of rolling out a highly sophisticated WAF (Web Application Firewall) solution across our web hosting sever fleet.

A WAF aims to provide web hosting protection from malicious requests and payloads; intercepting them before they can even reach your website.

Our hosting WAF will help defend against:

  • Known script vulnerabilities
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) exploits
  • Common SQL injection methods
  • Website malware injection & distribution
  • Common script brute-forcing
  • Malicious website requests & payloads
  • Emerging threats to hosting infrastructure
  • General website hack attempts
  • Known viral fingerprints

The hosting WAF implementation is just another tool in our arsenal; a sign of our 100% commitment to provide a secure web hosting platform that you and your business can count on.

The Optic Empire WAF protects all web hosting accounts; a solution normally only available on high end, enterprise level hosting solutions.

Further reading:

  1. OWASP Foundation WAF Information
  2. Secure Web Hosting by Optic Empire


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