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Optic Empire are local search engine optimisation (local SEO) specialists. Our local search optimisation strategy can position your website or business at the top of local, geographic based search results for your target keywords.

Google specifically tailors these local types of results, and presents them alongside information including maps, directions and direct contact details. They are becoming increasingly visible in search results (especially mobile)

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Local Search Listing

This type of traffic is perfect for businesses that service a local, geographic area. Its captures local customers, looking for local services that have a high sales conversion potential.

Local SEO campaigns are not limited to driving traffic to a website - we can drive traffic directly to any physical business.

Local SEO Benefits

Local SEO has a range of benefits over a typical SEO campaign, these include:

  • Drives more foot traffic to your retail business
  • Drives more direct phone calls to your local business
  • Significantly less competition (compared to state / national campaigns)
  • Typically cheaper with quicker results
  • You don't require a website (benefit if you do)

Who Suits a Local SEO Campaign?

SEO Campaigns targeting local, geographic keywords are best suited for:

  • Business with an physical presence (retail store, professional services)
  • Businesses that target a certain geographic area(s)
  • Community / local based businesses
  • ANY type of business (from take away food, to dentists and everything between)

How Does Local SEO Work?

Local SEO leverages various tools and services from a range of suppliers including

  • Google Places
  • Local Business Directories
  • Business Review Websites
  • Social Networking Platforms
  • Local Networks

Its all about building a online business footprint at the local level. As a result of local SEO; Google and the many other search engines will present your website and or business highly for a geographic related searches. (e.g dentist maitland)

Local SEO Costs

Because locally based SEO campaigns target less competitive keywords they can be significantly cheaper than a state, national or internationally targeted SEO campaign.

That being said, every industry is different. We prefer to do a little research so we can provide the very best local SEO services to every client at the best price possible.

When we issue an obligatory free quote, we take into account several factors including; potential traffic, local competition and current search footprint.

Ready To Rank Locally?

To get started we need a little information from you, try to include as much information as possible.

We will use this information as a base for our quote and local optimisation strategy.

Reputation Management Enquiry

  • Be as detailed as possible with your description of the issue requiring reputation management.
  • Please provide any examples or links to any examples of online incidents requiring reputation management.