Magento Hosting

Magento hosting, where you can have your shopping cart up and running in minutes on a reliable platform tailored specifically for a Magento shopping cart.

Optic Empire are experienced Magento specialists, having managed hundreds of Magento web hosting installs. We know what is required to fully harness the potential a Magento shopping cart can have for an online business.

Web Hosting, Tuned For Magento

By nature Magento is a resource intensive shopping cart. To facilitate a smooth, stable environment our web hosting server engineers have fine tuned our configurations to provide maximum performance for Magento based websites.

Some of the steps we have taken to get the most out of Magento include:

Instant Magento InstallsInstant Magento Installs

Installing Magento manually can be a bit of a nightmare, but with our Magento instant installer (Installatron) you can have a Magento shopping cart up and running in a few simple clicks.

Duplicate, backup and upgrade Magento, all at your fingertips. Managing the technical in and outs of a Magento website has never been easier.

SSD Magento ServersSSD Magento Servers

Magento typically makes a lot of requests to the web and database server. To offer the fastest response to database calls we run all of our databases on an SSD platform.

We also store Magento web files on our SSD infrastructure to ensure cache files are accessed quickly from the disk. The result is a lightning fast Magento cart.

Daily Magento BackupsDaily Magento Backups

A key responsibility of running a successful online business means you need contingency plan. Optic Empire have your backup bases covered with our state of the art backup system.

Our servers automatically perform an account snapshot on a daily basis, so in the event of a major issue we can quickly restore your website to an earlier point in time.

Getting started with Magento or transferring your Magento store to a reliable Magento host is a simple process. To get started compare web hosting plans to find the right fit for you.