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PHP Hosting made easy, with a range of feature packed web hosting plans powered by PHP. The advanced scripting technology that is used by millions of dynamic websites around the world.

Optic Empire PHP web hosting delivers a lightning fast PHP hosting platform. Enabling you to build a truly dynamic online solution.

Flexible PHP Web Hosting

Our purpose built php hosting servers allow you to securely customise the build of PHP your website uses to suit your needs. Through our complex PHP selector you're not locked into any one specific PHP version or configuration.

  • Enable and disable PHP modules
  • Select a specific version of PHP to run
  • Configure default PHP limitations

See PHP selector in action.


Hardened PHP Hosting

PHP itself is continually updated as security flaws and exploits are found within the main library and language. Each main version of PHP has a finite lifespan after which the core PHP developers no longer support, update, and patch - even newly discovered security issues.

Introducing Hardened PHP Selector

Our hardened PHP installs extend the lifespan of PHP web apps significantly. We take care and patch newly discovered security flaws in PHP  - even long after the official suppliers discontinue support. This allows you to get more life out of your legacy applications without compromising security.

Simply select an alternate version of PHP to take advantage of older versions of PHP, or keep it set to native and it will auto update as we update versions on the server - ensuring it keeps current with all the modern improvements.


PHP is used by 79.1% of all websites with a known server-side programming language. That translates to nearly 8 out of every 10 websites that you visit on the Internet utilize PHP.

(source. w3techs)

Many popular content management systems are built using PHP.

WordPress uses PHP
Joomla is built on PHP
Magento is coded with PHP
drupal is made with PHP

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What is PHP?

PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development. It is embedded into HTML based documents. The code is interpreted with a PHP processor module which generates the resulting web page.

PHP powers some of the most popular shopping carts, blogs, forums, and web apps. It also used by some of the busiest websites online (Facebook, Wikipedia).

What kind of things can PHP do?

You can do virtually anything with PHP. Think of it as the logic behind the presentation.

PHP is used in a magnitude of website functions typically including:

  • Database queries and data retrieval (mySQL)
  • Login / authentication Systems
  • Image generation
  • Content management

What do I need to host a PHP app?

The requirements to host a PHP web app will vary from script to script. However in general a modern version of PHP is a good starting point.

The important factors for a fast running PHP web app include:

  • CPU allocation
  • Memory limits
  • Disk read/write speed

Check with the script developers of the web app you intend to run for any specific PHP hosting requirements.

Where can I learn more about PHP?

PHP is open source, which (in a nutshell) means its free to use, modify and distribute. This combined with the fact its one of the most popular web development languages means that the active developer community is HUGE.

There are countless of resources you can use to learn more about PHP but a great starting point is.