Secure Web Hosting

Secure Web HostingSecure web hosting is an essential ingredient for a successful website. It provides a platform that instils confidence for website operators, owners & users. Secure hosting ensures your hard work doesn't go 'up in smoke'.

On-line, the harsh reality is that every day thousands of websites are hacked. Attacks range from automated server exploits to targeted attacks on the website core itself.

Worry Free, Secure Web Hosting

Every day our security systems defend our customers websites against thousands of attacks. By implementing a number of advanced technical measures, we deliver a secure web hosting environment.

Secure ServersSecure Web Servers

Our expert server engineers harden all of our servers and web hosting infrastructure. We continually apply server side updates to ensure protection from any emerging threat.

The web server hardening process includes kernel, software, web server and operating system lock down, configuration and optimisations.

Safe Website Requests

Safe Website Requests

Advanced web server protection & security suites intercept known exploits and fingerprints of malicious requests. Ensuring destructive visitors and requests are blocked.

Daily we intercept thousands of requests laden with malicious intent to exploit customers websites. In addition our Antivirus solutions also protect FTP uploads.

Tenant Isolation

Tenant / Website Isolation

Each website on our servers is isolated so that each user is run and caged in a separate operating environment - account to account internal exploits are stopped in their tracks.

Tenant isolation is delivered through the installation of the Cloudlinux LVE with CageFS.

Mod SecurityAdvanced mod_security Rule-sets

Hackers often look for poorly written website scripts, or target known application vulnerabilities. To protect client websites we maintain a list of common hacker patterns and website exploit techniques.

mod_security rules block these types of visitors before they can reach your website.

Ready to get started? Establishing a secure foundation for your website or on-line business is a simple process.

Secure Web Hosting