SSL Certificate Buying Guide

If you run a website that collects personal information or payment data an SSL certificate is a must. It will give your customers an added level of security, and shows your commitment to their privacy.

With the range on SSL certificates and that are available we've put together a quick guide to the world of SSL.

Entry Level SSL

Get started with an entry level SSL certificate, ideal for low volume / small transaction based websites.

They offer a balance of affordability and registered warranty.

Secure Multiple Sub Domains

Multi domain and wildcard certificates allow you to secure multiple sub domains.

e.g shop.domain.com, mail.domain.com & *.domain.com

Branded SSL Solutions

Premium SSL certificates that offer a branded site seal, higher warranty coverage and are backed by Geotrust the number one name in SSL.

Extended Validation (Green Bar SSL)

Green Bar SSL Extended Validation

SSL certificates that support extended validation are represented in most modern browsers with a noticable green bar indicator.

This in combination with business branding are a visual reassurance that you are serious about your customers privacy and over all security.

Extended validation certificates are typically for high profile brands and have been known to aid in brand identification; reducing phishing and identity theft attacks on customers.

True BusinessID® + EV Certificates support greenbar.