Transfer Web Hosting

Take the hassle out of transferring web hosting - with our FREE web hosting transfer service.

If your current web host isn't providing the level of service you deserve as a paying customer, speak with your feet and make the switch to Optic Empire.

Option 1: Auto / Fast Transfer

We can process an automatic transfer from the following supported control panel systems.

  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Plesk Control Panel

With the automatic solution, we transfer your entire account, including email account, mySQL databases, and any  other control panel settings; its a complete account snapshot.

Option 2: Manual Transfer

If you're coming from a web host that supplies a custom control panel we can still help out. Our staff can manually transfer your website to our servers.

  • Manually transfer website
  • Manually transfer email accounts or custom settings

Depending on the complexity of your custom website there may be a service fee (we'll get your approval before we get started) - the whole process is typically seamless.

Hosting Transfer Requirements

To transfer your current website we require at a minimum your existing FTP account username and password.

If your website is dynamic and is driven by a content management system we may require further info such as.

  • Control Panel login information
  • FTP access information
  • Database access information
  • CMS admin logins
  • Current domain registrar login information

Our Guarantee

We are committed to provide a quality service to all of our clients;  we believe the foundation of a successful website is reliable, stable, and secure web hosting.

If you are not 100 % happy with the transfer, we'll give you your money back!

Ready To Get Started?

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