CloudLinux HostingCloudLinux makes use of lightweight virtual environment mechanics, specifically tailored for the shared web hosting industry.

It allows tenant isolation, whilst maintaining the normal environment of a shared dedicated server.

One of the biggest pitfalls of the shared web hosting architecture is its inability to handle large resource spikes commonly associated with busy websites.

In a normal shared environment a busy website has the ability to effect all websites on the server as it over-consumes available server resources.

Common reasons for resource overuse include:

  • naturally busy/high traffic website
  • script error (out-of-control loop)
  • individual website attacks
  • website/server overselling
  • resource intensive web application

Protection Through Isolation

CloudLinux web hosting utilises a kernel level virtualisation technology which provides resource limits and allocations on a tenant by tenant basis.

This ensures one individual tenant can not over use available server resources, resulting in a stable shared web hosting service for all websites server wide.

CloudLinux Virtualisation

CloudLinux LVE can isolate:

  • CPU core allocations
  • Physical memory allocations
  • Virtual memory allocations
  • Disk I/O (read/write) speeds
  • Entry processes
  • Filesystem access

OE CloudLinux Hosting

Optic Empire provides a stable, secure CloudLinux web hosting platform, that allows our web hosting customers to focus on what's important - their website!