Looking to setup a multimedia rich website? (think youtube,sharemixer etc)

One such tool that allows you to deploy a website utilising streaming video / flash is ffmpeg-php.

Optic Empire web hosting plans come loaded with ffmpeg access through ffmpeg-php; installed with the following software and codecs:

  • MPlayer
  • Flvtool
  • Lame
  • Libogg
  • Libvorbis
  • Vorbis-tools
  • Libtheora
  • FFMPEG Svn version
  • AMR 3gp Encoder and decoder
  • ffmpeg-php
  • Ruby
  • wmf Lib
  • faad2
  • facc
  • a52dec-0.7.4

While you will need a fairly good understanding of php / programming to master any custom sites – you can easily include some simple functions to get some great effects.

Our ffmpeg ready web hosting plans now come with Vidiscript – so you can deploy a video sharing website in minutes! FREE with our ffmpeg-php hosting plans

Please contact us  for a quote for any custom coding / web development.

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