Email Marketing

Email MarketingTake the pain out of email marketing; with our self service online EDM software.

Email marketing is a PROVEN high conversion marketing channel.

EDM’s are often a component of:

  • Online Newsletters
  • Promotional Mail Outs
  • Product Updates
  • Supplier Data Distribution

Online Email Marketing Software Features

The email marketing platform that powers our email sending services is truly feature packed. Its built on top of line hardware so it can support a feature rich suite designed to maximise your email marketing return on investment.

Template / Design

  • Browser based template editor
  • Import custom designs
  • Mobile ready templates
  • Build re-usable templates
  • Inbox preview
  • Automatic inline CSS conversion
  • NO forced attribution link
  • Personalised tags
EDM Template Control

Campaign Distribution

  • FREE campaign archive
  • High deliverability
  • DomainKeys & Sender ID
  • RSS to email
  • Secure distribution network
  • ISP Feedback integration
  • CDN powered email storage
  • Timezone distribution control
  • Template A/B split testing
Email Campaign Distribution

Campaign Analytics

  • Real-time Worldview
  • Email clicks & open data
  • Campaign comparison tools
  • Detail campaign reports & drill-downs
  • Google Analytics platform integration
  • Conversion & ROI visibility
  • Data export tools
  • Unsubscribes & email bounce control
Email Campaign Analytics

Audience Building

  • Complete signup form customisation
  • Subscription form embeds
  • Subscription confirmations
  • Unlimited email lists
  • Import existing subscribers
  • iPad signup app
  • Subscriber management
  • Audience segmentation
  • Custom data capture
Email Audience Building

Social Connection

  • Facebook subscribes
  • Forward to friend functionality
  • Social reporting
  • Social sharing
Social Sharing EDM

Email Compliance

  • Multi opt-in support
  • Auto unsubscribe capabilities
  • Bounce / delivery QA
  • Distributed delivery
  • Accurate Anti-spam / Cross Client Testing
  • Detailed 3rd Party System Integrations (API)
  • Flexible, Per Subscriber / Monthly Send Rates

Email Marketing Platform Pricing

We offer 2 main pricing models (per campaign & monthly) so you can find the right fit no matter your requirements.

Option 1: Per Campaign

Flexible pay as you go billing, perfect for new lists and beginners. You only pay each time you send a campaign, based on the amount of emails you queue.

Per Campaign Fee

Only pay for what you need!

  • No subscriber limits
  • No list limits
  • No monthly fee
  • No lock in contracts

e.g For a single campaign to 5,000 subscribers,
the cost would be $110.00

Delivery Fee$10.00
cost / rec2.0 ¢
per design test$10.00
per spam test$10.00

Per Campaign Bulk Discounts

The more you send the cheaper it gets!

  • Email send rates as low as 1 ¢
  • Tiered email pricing as you send.
  • Custom pricing for larger lists
Credit SpendFee
First 50,0002.00 ¢
50,001 – 100,0001.60 ¢
100,001 – 250,0001.40 ¢
250,001 – 500,0001.20 ¢
Any above 500,0001.00 ¢

Option 2: Monthly Plans

Regular monthly payment plans, ideal for seasoned regulars. Send unlimited email campaigns with our monthly payment plans.

Monthly Plan Fees

Never pay more then you need,
we will automatocally scale with you.

  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Tiered subscriber based pricing
  • No lock in contracts

e.g For unlimited campaigns to a 5,000 subscriber base,
the cost would be $110.00 per month.

Total SubscribersFee
0 – 500$30.00
501 – 2,500$60.00
2,501 – 5,000$110.00
5,001 – 10,000$200.00
10,001 – 25,000$500.00
25,001 – 50,000$1000.00
per design test$10.00
per spam test $10.00

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