WordPress Security Services

Our WordPress security specialists will have your site online, secure and "hack resistant" or your money back! Simple as that.

What makes WordPress a popular target?

The open nature of WordPress makes it a prime target. While the core of WordPress is well maintained and often receives security updates the same can't be said for the hundreds and thousands of third party plugins and themes available for WordPress websites. Many age and for whatever reason are no longer updated or maintained by the developer.

Why would you be a target?

The majority of WordPress website hacks are carried out by automated scripts, trawling the internet for websites susceptible to various vulnerabilities in the WordPress core, or more often a 3rd party plugin or theme.

Pro-active WordPress Security

WordPress Hardening

WordPress security engineers will apply "best practice" security procedures to your website minimising the chances of a successful attack.

  • Install & configure recommended hardening plugins.
  • Conduct a user audit identifying potential user problems.
  • Full WordPress update, including core files, plugins & themes.
  • Install & configure WordPress application firewall software.
  • Manually inspect the file base of your WordPress install to ensure validity.

WordPress Hardening

Proactive Solution
$55.00 Once Off

Re-active WordPress Security

WordPress Malware Removal

Our WordPress malware removal experts will be able to investigate and remove any WordPress based malware no matter how stubborn it is.

  • Locate and remove malware injection(s).
  • Identify likely attack vector and entry point.
  • Reset user permissions and authentication credentials.
  • Submit Google “This site may harm your computer” warning removal request

WordPress Malware Removal

Reactive Solution
$110.00 Once Off
  • We'll fix it money back guarantee*
  • Includes WordPress hardening package.

Hacked / Defaced WordPress Repair

WordPress hack recovery specialists will work to patch any entry points, clean any payloads and restore normal website access.

  • Identify likely attack vector and entry point.
  • Scan for intended payload (purpose).
  • Restore working website functionality.
  • Submit Google “This site may be hacked” warning removal request.

Hacked / Defaced WordPress Repair

Reactive Solution
$165.00 Once Off
  • We’ll fix it money back guarantee*
  • Includes WordPress Hardening package.
  • Identify any suspected compromised data.