Installatron Web Host Every web hosting plan comes loaded with state of the art web installation software, Installatron.

In a few clicks you can instantly deploy a range of over 50 FREE web scripts and have a web site online before you know it, without any technical knowledge!

Software packages include a range of; forums, content management systems, blogs, photo galleries, survey systems, shopping carts and much more!

Installatron In Action

Click, Install & Go. Master your webspace without needing an IT degree with Installatron

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Installatron Video Demonstration

Watch while we install WordPress in under 1 minute... now that's fast!

Installatron - Major Features

> Find an Application

Users can browse the web applications available for installing via Installatron, find information about each application and links to homepages, documentation, online demos, FAQs, and support forums.

> Install Anywhere

Install applications to any location within the HTTP and HTTPS directories of all domains, sub-domains, and addon-domains. This includes the root-directory and any sub-level directory. You can even install inside HTTP Password Protected directories.

> Applications Manager

Users can view their installed applications, link directly to the website and its administration tool, view its files and database, and view information about the installed application. Installed application can be upgraded, backed up, and uninstalled.

> New Version Notification

Users can receive notification emails when new versions of their installed applications becomes available.

> New Version Upgrading

As soon as an application installer is updated, Installatron's Upgrade Wizard will upgrade existing installed applications to the new version. Installatron even gives the option to create a backup during the upgrade.

> Backup and Restore

Users can backup their installed applications at any time, and even restore a backup to its original "live" location.

> Uninstall Safely

When an application is no longer needed it can be removed safely with Installatron's Uninstall Wizard.

Free Installatron

Take advantage of Installatron for FREE when you sign up to any of our web hosting plans.