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WordPress Optimization

In the web world, speed is EVERYTHING. WordPress Optimization gives your WordPress website the very best chance to gain a competitive edge online.

Website load time can be the difference between a visitors bounce and an interaction, making a sale and losing out to a competitor. It translates to improved staff efficiency and a better overall experience for your users.

Step 1

WordPress Optimization Audit

We will audit your WordPress website externally. Measure its load speed from multiple locations and identify key elements to optimise.

  • Measure & Identify
  • Key Recommendations
  • Currently FREE (limited time)

Step 2

WordPress Optimization Implementation

After an audit we will implement applicable optimisations to your WordPress website, greatly reducing your website load time!

  • Includes Audit
  • Implement Onsite Optimizations
  • Before / After comparison

The Sweet Spot?

Many tests show the quicker the better when it comes to page load speed. However the general rule is, after 3 seconds visitor bounce rates start to increase.

Optimizing WordPress FAQ

What slows down a WordPress website?
One of the side effects of running WordPress is the sheer amount of plugins, themes, and extra bits and pieces that accumulate. It no longer runs as a lean content management system, it becomes bogged down with 3rd party resources and calls to unoptimized resources. The Result? A slow running WordPress website.
What WordPress Optimizing factors are tested?
We simulate browser activity to your website from real world internet connections, to give you the most accurate data possible. We test from multiple locations, devices, & browsers to ensure a broad spread.

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