SSL Certificates

When you're looking to conduct business online, assure your customers that you hold their privacy and security in the highest regard by installing ssl certificates.

What is an ssl certificate?

The SSL protocol is the Web standard for encrypting communication channels between users and SSL secured web sites. Data is sent via an SSL connection which is protected by encryption, a mechanism that prevents eavesdropping and tampering with any transmitted data.

Users know when they have an SSL session established with a website, when their browser displays the little gold padlock and the address bar begins with a https rather than http.

Web Hosting customers can also bundle ssl certificates with their hosting plans.

SSL Certificate Buying Guide

With the range on SSL certificates and related products that are available we have put together this quick guide to the world of SSL.

RapidSSL Certificates

RapidSSL are committed to providing low cost, entry level 128 / 256 Bit encryption strength SSL certificates and offer a number of SSL solutions under the RapidSSL brand.

Geotrust SSL Certificates

GeoTrust is one of the largest providers of Digital SSL certificates and related SSL products.