13 Nov 2014

The low down on SSL and SEO

Lately there has been a buzz in the online marketing and webmaster communities around SSL and its impact on SEO. Does an SSL certificate benefit your websites ranking potential? So just what is SSL? In a nutshell SSL encrypts the communications channel between your internet browser and an SSL protected website. It aims to stop traffic […]

03 Jun 2012

Google Places Optimisation For Local SEO Success

The cornerstone of most local SEO campaigns is an optimised Google Places entry. It displays for searches with a geographic intent. e.g: Newcastle plumber Local search results normally are placed highly & include phone, address & map data – which makes it more attractive for users. Additional information may include: Business hours of operation Telephone […]

26 Apr 2012

WT Update: Site Performance, Subscriber Stats & Robots.txt Tools Removed

The latest webmaster tools update by google has rolled out, and several tools have been discontinued / dropped. Google confirmed via an announcement on the Google Webmaster Central blog that it had removed 3 features, citing under-use as the primary reason for removal. Many users are at a loss and still consider them needed and […]

22 Apr 2012

Onsite SEO tips for a search engine friendly website

There are a range of things you can do to make your website as search engine friendly as possible. It all starts onsite. Today I’m going to detail several onsite methods that will help you on your way to SEO greatness. At this stage it would be expected that you to have completed some pretty […]

31 Mar 2012

5 Things You Need To Know About SEO

Many people jump head first into SEO without first learning the fundamentals. All to often we see customers come to us from other SEO Agencies, disillusioned by the whole SEO industry after investing hard earned money with little to no lasting return. We’ve put together a quick list of essential things you need to know […]

30 Mar 2012

Leveraging Local SEO For Foot-traffic & Phone Calls

Local SEO is all about utilising local search engine traffic. It goes beyond just driving visitors to a website, it is a powerful online marketing tool that delivers local foot-traffic and phone calls directly to any business. Predominately offline businesses can leverage the widespread (almost ingrained) use of search engines. Bridging the gap between online […]

23 Jan 2010

Article Marketing and SEO

Article marketing is a regular SEO strategy that helps you to promote your website. This is a cost effective and easy to manage marketing tool and it works wonders as far as marketing is concerned. There are plenty of content publishing websites where you can submit your articles that link back to your website and […]