The Domain Name Transfer Guide

Transferring Domain Name When you register a domain name it's a common assumption that the domain is locked to that domain registrar from that point forward; for renewals and management.

The reality is that is fairly easy to transfer domain names between registrars without impact to the web site or the attached web hosting.

Domain names are transferred for a variety of reasons including;

  • Registrar price increases
  • Business process changes
  • Business or website sale or owner transfers
  • Domain consolidation

Here's a quick guide to a smooth domain name transfer.

What's required to transfer domain names?

There's really only several requirements to facilitate the successful transfer of a domain name between registrars; although some domain name extensions may have extra specific requirements.

Domain Name Password

Also commonly known as AUTHINFO or EPP code the domain name password is a single password that verifies domain name ownership. It's a requirement to provide the domain password when initiating a domain name transfer.

Unlocked Domain Status

Most domain name extensions provide a lock feature which when set to lock automatically denies the transfer of a domain name between registrars.

Before a domain name transfer is initiated the domain name status needs to be set to unlocked. This can normally be completed through the current domain name registrar.

Correct contact / registrant information

Once a domain name transfer is initiated many major domain name extensions including .AU require a confirmation link to be accepted prior to processing the transfer request. The link is sent to the registrant email address set at the current registrar.

It's important to keep this information correct to ensure the domain transfer can be approved. Failure to action the confirmation email within a timely manner often results in the transfer request expiring.

Time from registration / to renewal

Many domain name extensions require a certain cool down to pass after registration or transfer, before a transfer can take place: the standard time frame is 60 days from registration / transfer.

Some registrars also limit the ability to transfer a domain name within a certain period from expiry; however there is no regulatory requirement for this and many domain names can be transferred even if they have just expired. (but not passed redemption)

How long does a domain transfer take?

A domain transfer is often completed in only a couple of business days, however its normally advised the time frame is 3 - 5 business days. This will allow adequate time for the domain registrars and the specific domain name extension regulatory bodies to approve the domain name transfer request.

Things to note

Once a domain name transfer request has been initiated and approved updating the contact information and name servers is locked from edit, until the transfer process has completed.

For this reason if you are changing name servers or web hosts during a domain transfer, its a good idea to update the name servers before initiating the domain name transfer.


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