Unlimited web hosting – What to expect

No Limit HostingFeeling the lure of an unlimited web hosting plan?

Many are blinded by the dazzle of a great deal; even if it looks to good to be true. Here's what you can expect once you sign up with an unlimited hosting plan!

The Unlimited Hosting Experience

By signing up with an unlimited host you can almost guarantee you will experience:

  • Server time-outs / drop outs
  • Slow transfer speeds
  • Hidden resource limits
  • Poor customer service

Time-outs / Drop-outs

Drop outs and time outs are a frequent occurrence with unlimited web hosting. It's usually because server resources are oversold with many websites on the server competing for limited server resources.

The result is an unstable website that is down when you or your customers really need it.

Slow Transfer Speeds

Unlimited web hosting normally attracts high bandwidth websites. As is the nature of hosting; the overall network connection to the server becomes saturated as websites compete for network resources.

A slow loading website will have an immediate effect on your users and how they use your service.

Hidden Resource Limits

More often then not there are hidden limits associated with an unlimited website hosting account. Common limits include: network speed, inodes, disk access speed, virtual/physical memory, CPU

Look for any limits, usually hidden deep within the hosting acceptable usage policy.

Poor Customer Service

Offering unlimited web hosting is a major sign of an unsustainable web hosting business model. It leaves very little resources available to provide decent staff, contact channels and overall customer service.

Many web hosts offering unlimited plans cannot provide the level of customer service required.

Technically Impossible

There are always limiting factors when it comes to servers and networks.

Common real hard limits include:

  • Physical hard drive size
  • Actual network port speed
  • Data center link size
  • Physical Memory installed
  • Physical CPU speed

Physical elements are hardware based so are absolute. Virtual cloud type implementations can somewhat alleviate this, however the same limiting factors still apply to the hardware running the virtual infrastructure.

Resist the urge to choose an unlimited web host when you need web hosting. Give your website the best foundation it can by choosing a web host that offers sustainable, reliable web hosting plans.


Have you been stung by a web host offering unlimited web hosting? Let us know how it impacted you

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